The Most Creative and Brilliant Waffle Iron Breakfasts

Don’t some mornings seem to take a lot of effort? From getting the kids ready for school to getting to the office on time, some a.m.’s can seem downright frantic! You’ve got dinner down, but breakfast needs to be quick and easy. If you’ve got a waffle iron, we’ve got you covered!  Look below for 7 awesome ideas, then grab a bowl and get breakfast on the table in record time. Try any of the 7 drool-worthy breakfasts we’ve rounded up and make your entire meal in one easy little waffle iron. Here’s how: 


1. Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Breakfast really doesn’t get much easier than these cinnamon roll waffles. Bake up refrigerated cinnamon rolls in your waffle iron, top with a warm glaze, and voilà, a tasty breakfast is served! Find instructions at TABLESPOON.


2. Stuffed Breakfast Waffles

Stuff biscuits with eggs and cheese, cook them up in your waffle iron, and you’ve got a quick, savory, and handy breakfast sandwich.  Buy store-bought biscuits to make it even easier! Head to BUNS IN MY OVEN for the full recipe.


3. Easy Gingerbread Waffles

Enjoy holiday flavors anytime!  Gingerbread waffles are an easy way to infuse that wonderful aroma throughout your house, and kids will love a festive toppings bar. Get more ideas for a gingerbread waffle breakfast at BABBLE.


4. Cake Mix Waffles

Make any morning extra special with these chocolate cake mix waffles. Chocolaty, rich waffles cook up quickly for an indulgent breakfast treat. Serve with whipped cream and an easy Nutella sauce. Head to COOKING CLASSY for instructions.


5. Donut Waffles

We give you permission to cut corners on frantic mornings! These Krispy Kreme donut waffles take so little effort, yet bring so much joy! Find this incredibly easy recipe at OH BITE IT.


6. Savory Ham and Cheese Hashbrown Waffles

Take a sweets break and whip up these savory waffles. These ham and cheese hashbrown waffles are quick, easy, and so good! Get this yummy breakfast recipe at DAMN DELICIOUS.


7. Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Enjoy dessert for breakfast with these strawberry shortcake waffles. Make breakfast a special occasion with just a few simple ingredients. Learn how these waffles come together at WELL PLATED.

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